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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Zen and the art of Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

This morning I had a terrible scare.

Over the week-end, my son had his birthday party, which was a sleep over for 5 of his 12 year old friends. There had been a pinata, about 20 Lbs of candy and a lot of prepubescent boy energy sizzling through the house. Needless to say, even after my son's best efforts of clean up, a serious cleaning still needed to be done. By a professional...A real retro housewife.

I wasn't too worried about it, being that I had in my possession the vacuum cleaner with the English Accent; "The Dyson". The one that was developed by a man who for some reason spent a lot of time vacuuming, and became so enthralled that he devoted 7 years of his life developing his own, which according to him is the only vacuum guaranteed not to lose suction....

A little background here...and an admission of playing hard and fast with COSTCO's return policy. For those who are unaware, Costco takes back everything you buy there, including vacuum cleaners. My fancy British Cleaner was, in fact, my 5th vacuum cleaner this year. All purchased at Costco, and up until now, all returned. The reason? They didn't suck. Well ok, one was returned because the power cord turned out to be defective in that it allowed itself to be chewed in half by the tiniest of beagles. But the rest were just plain useless. But now, I was the proud owner of the only vacuum guaranteed not to lose suction.

So, I switched my DYSON on with the intention of disposing of the remains of the party. Started swishing back and forth, like one does, when I noticed to my horror that the dirt, doghair and candy remnants were still on the carpet. It had happened. The supposedly impossible. It had lost suction.

Continued tomorrow


Anonymous said...

One word: Oreck. From one retro housewife to another, don't ya know. Get an Oreck. That's what they use in hotels. They have a website. They're awesome. They suck!!!

Retro Housewife said...

But don't they cost an arm and a leg? I have heard that before, that they are great..but that they cost like $800. Must look into this...


Retro Housewife said...

Back again..

Well I was close..the Oreck XL 21 is $699, BUT it comes with a whopping 21 year warranty, including 21 Free Tune - ups, and a host of other goodies. Imagine that! A company willing to stand behind its product.

Not like Sears, who chooses to call me every year on my dishwasher's birthday to try to sell me "Protection" in the form of an extended warranty.

They actually sound like they think they are doing me a favor...and I wonder if they will notice when I buy my next major appliance somewhere else, where they just don't get as excited about the prospect of it breaking down.

miss becca said...

Oh girls you dont know whnat you are missing out on- You need one of the RAINBOW air filter/vaccuum.
Its BETTER than a dyson and an oreck- they have an air filter so your vac isnt blwing out dusty/dirty air to resettle on your carpets- sucks like a trooper too!