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Friday, September 23, 2005

Ants & Earthquakes

It's that time of year again, when the ants come marching in. Ants are everywhere and what is a housewife to do? Somehow it doesn't seem right to be spraying RAID all over the kitchen, and besides...I hate the smell. Must find some non toxic ant repellant to get me through the annual ant invasion.

It's also earthquake season, and sure enough we had a 3.7 mini shaker. Which is just large enough to remind us that sometimes we are also just as tiny as the ants.


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Meg said...

age-0ld remedy for ants:
Mix powdered Borax with something they like to eat, like powdered sugar. Sprinkle wherever you have seen them. They ingest it, and even though it is not a poison, it causes their chitin to thin (maybe through its detergent or saponification properties, can't recall the technical details)and start losing moisture instead of retaining it, and they dry up and blow away..
Rather cruel if you ask me, but setting up a more humane ant guillotine or tiny firing squad or little euthanasia injections for ants is impractical.

Anyway, this is an old method that won't harm your kitchen or family members any more than sprinkling soap around would.

It wouldn't hurt to consult someone on the structural integrity of your home and assess it for rotting wood or foundation troubles, because ants invading a home are often a minor symptom of a more serious problem.

My home is over a hundred years old, and there are ants in the yard, yet I have never seen so much as a single ant inside, though occasionally a crumb will go undisturbed on the counter overnight. Just lucky I guess, or maybe the draconian methods of yesteryear (such as pouring mercury into your mattress to get rid of bedbugs!) are still at work undiscovered within these walls.

I prefer to remain happily and ignorantly astonished at my luck. Good luck with the borax!