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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Article - Carpet Cleaning Tips -

Article - Carpet Cleaning Tips -

I came across this article about vacuuming and carpet cleaning, and was a bit disappointed, as it is all about dirt! Not a word about the true nature of vacuuming!

Completely absent, is any mention of the nice stripes the carpet has afterwards, the feeling of renewal that is created as you suck out the grit, grime and dust and watch the dirt canister fill up with measurable accomplishment.

What about the relative peace and quiet that you get when you vacuum? No need to answer any questions hollered from three rooms away, as how can you hear them over the soothing roar of the vacuum cleaner? Just you and your thoughts! Even the dogs stop following you around and seek shelter in other rooms.

Vacuuming is an escape, an oasis in a chaotic world. Phone rings, can't hear it! Kids arguing, can't hear that either!

They say:

"It is good practice to vacuum your carpet regularly to remove debris. How often you need to vacuum will depend on how much traffic parts of your home receive."

Ha! How often I need to vacuum depends more on the traffic outside on the road than in my home, the lines in the supermarket and whether the dog just dug up my rosebush for the umpteenth time.

Readers beware: if you are expecting to gain further insight into the art of vacuuming, you will be horrified by the repeated use of words like "soil" and "debris". Save yourself the aggravation and just go vacuum the guest room.


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Lex said...

I agree whole heartedly! Vacuuming is like an escape. I can just go into my own little world, make those pretty carpet lines, as you described, and smell the nice clean smell of the carpet cleaning powder I scatter on pre-vacuuming.
I just stumbled across your blog today, and I really enjoy it!

geeurbie said...

As a professional cleaner I have never found vacuuming an escape... But Id that works for you... I'm real okay with that... I love reading others points of view on what I do for a living that most people hate... For more eco friendly and add free Please go here...