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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Snails and Beer

Retro Housewife and The Ladies who Lunch: Snail Safari

I have to do a quick follow up on the various remedies that have been suggested for my snail problem. I am currently trying out setting out a bowl of beer (no pretzles), which I have now heard from several different, unrelated sources attracts snails and causes their untimely, drunken death.

My first night, I caught not one snail! Not sure if they just ran out on their bar tab, or just didn't show up but my beer trap was completely devoid of snails!

Yesterday, my sister and her 2.5 year old daughter were visiting, and I managed to convince my niece to collect snails and put them into the "Snail Aquarium". She did a fantastic job, but I'll be darned if the things didn't squirm their way out again!

Which leads me to wonder whether I have chosen the wrong type of beer. I am using dark beer, but perhaps a Pilsner would be more appropriate? Does it matter whether it is domestic or imported? Am I "serving" the beer in the wrong type of bowl?

If anyone has experience with drowning snails in beer, please enlighten me!



Kristin said...

Just plain old Budweiser is working for my girlfriend! It is left over in a keg from a party in Feb., and i quite the snail slayer.

fred said...

I think that if you put the beer out for a few days, the alcohol evaporates. Also, I don't think the snails die immediately. Even if they climb out they die in the yard

Anonymous said...

The beer has to be stale - let it sit out over night and then put it outside. Good luck!