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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Europe American Style

We all know that Americans love their RVs, and that there is a formidable army of RVEAs (Recreational Vehicle Enabled Americans) in the US ready and able to hit the road at the drop of a hat, but did you know that it is quite a comfortable and economical way to see a bit of Europe?

It never occurred to me before this trip as the thought of trying to maneuver a 20 foot long vehicle through the streets of Europe gave me nightmares. When my husband suggested it, I smiled politely and gave him my best "Sure, let's look into it" (which really meant: I would rather chew sand). But look into it we did, and after his assurances that I wouldn't have to drive the thing, my enthusiasm grew. When I asked Ernst, our friendly German RV rental agent, whether he lost many of his RVs to unmarked, medieval tunnels or Parisian drivers he assured me that RVs can go everywhere with no problem.

OK, Fine. So we rented one, and off we drove, out of Germany, through Austria and into Northern Italy. Destination: Venice! Yup, that's right, the city with no streets. Perfect place for an oversized, bulky vehicle.
View of Venice, Italy from Camping Fusina
Stop snickering! It turned out to be great! See, we rolled into a camp site across the water from Venice around midnight, plugged in and got a good night's rest. There is a ferry that will take you directly from the camp site to Venice proper, which is the sensible thing to do. So we got into our RV and drove to Venice. TBC

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