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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Back to School - In The Home Stretch

The moment that parents secretly wait for, (and not without a bit of guilt for doing so) is nearly here! Back to School!

Family vacations have been taken, swim courses successfully completed, summer movies have been endured and about half of the beach has been relocated to my carpets, patio and utility room. The lazy days (for some) are drawing to a close.


One last, final burst of energy is required to acquire the necessary trappings that go with getting 2 teenagers off to school. The new Back to School wardrobe has to be found in the farthest corner of the last store in the mall, and the myriad assortment of binders, books, pencils, pencil sharpeners, calculators and notebook paper must be duly tracked down and checked off the list.

On top of that, my daughter requires an assortment of survival gear, fit for an Eskimo and in coordinating colors of course, for a 5 day school camping trip!


Luckily, we had the list ahead of time and purchased all those supplies on the internet. (Me kneeling and praising Internet God)

Then there is the stack of official forms an inch thick that get sent home from the public schools. They are the same forms which I filled out last year, but for some reason I have to do it again. The school packets have also become full blown marketing channels for a variety of businesses who are just gearing up to begin the exploitation of a completely free work force in the name of "fundraising".

Once all this is done, however... Once this is all over, millions of mothers across America will breath a sigh of relief as schedule and routine return to their daily lives.



After almost 3 months of "vacation", we will finally be able to get the house clean!


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