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Monday, August 21, 2006

Men will be Men! : An Open Response to the Retro Housewife and Her Lunch Ladies at How to Get Rid of Things: The Blog

An Open Response to the Retro Housewife and Her Lunch Ladies at How to Get Rid of Things: The Blog

My Dear Jonathan,

How you do go on! It would not be ladylike for me to address the first part of your letter in an open forum, so let me get directly to the point of "Laziness". The reason you seem to have so much expertise in "Getting rid of things" is that you have allowed them to be there in the first place! I am not sure what a house husband is, having never encountered one in the wild. It seems to me that such a beast must only exist in the rantings of the sorry pseudo feminist journals! I believe a more appropriate term for you is "bachelor", and from the look of things, one that is in desperate need of a wife. While you do seem a bit rough around the edges, it is nothing that can't be fixed by the right woman. Perhaps I will send a few candidates your way?




finance girl said...

Ya'll who cares, I mean really? He just doesn't get it and so what? A person either values home life and places it as a priority or they don't. Those that don't prioritize it look at stay at home women the way Jonathan does (e.g. lazy). "Whatevah". I work more now and am more intellectually engaged now as a stay at home wife than I was most of the time when I was at Microsoft as a Program Manager writing specs all day and negotiating for dev schedules. If people like Jonathan want to look at that with disdain, I could care less, because I don't have anything to prove.

Retro Housewife said...

Funny isn't it? ...when you figure out that the whole housewife thing is actually quite wonderful? I also took a professional path home!


Jonathan said...

The death of an intellectual is when they finally make themselves useful. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think that RH's are really just people who take running their household seriously, because they want to enjoy who they live with.