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Monday, August 14, 2006

An Open Letter to: How to Get Rid of Things: The Blog

How to Get Rid of Things: The Blog

My Dear Jonathan,

While I do appreciate your mentioning Retro Housewife on your Blog, I must take issue with your claim that I am setting feminist progress back (50 - 100 years I believe). Au Contraire! I am advancing the feminist movement, catapulting it out of the doldrums, getting the gals off the hamster wheel and back home sweet home where we belong!

I have, in the past been stuck at work, stuck in traffic, stuck in a rut and once, just plain stuck (nevermind), but have not felt "Stuck at Home". I have the power to make everybody in my family happy just by cooking up something yummy for dinner, or bringing home ice cream and a good video from the market.

Is it really progress for women to try to be like men? Is a job as an office manager, bank teller or corporate cubical captive really that much more rewarding? I think I shall go ponder that some more over coffee.


PS: At least you kill spiders....there is hope for you yet, young man!


Leanne said...

ArrGGHHHH! Some people use up too much oxygen just to simply convert it into hot air that reeks of self-righteousness and chauvenism.... Perhaps a day in the life experiment is in order for this lout?

finance girl said...

After being in corporate america with my "glorious" career for 20 years (sarcasm) I am soooo HAPPY to be a stay at home wife! i love it!! It's so freeing to be able to do what, for me, comes so naturally. You wanna go to work everyday for "The Man"? Go for it! But for me and my hubs, we love this new team dynamic of me taking care of everything so he can focus just on his job!!! And if anyone like Jonathan wants to take issue with that that's his prerogative.