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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yoox Code is Back!

Just a quick note to let you know that the YOOX coupon code for 5% Off is back until October 10th! Here are the details: (See recent blog entry for all current yoox promotions)
  1. 5% Off + Free Shipping on all orders. 5% ends 10/10 Free shipping Ends 10/2 25, 2006

    YOOX Code: HAPPYWEEKEND Ends 10/10/2006

  2. Extra 60% Off Spring Summer Collections until August 31. (No Code Required)

Michael Kors Retro Skirt
Here is a cute 50s style skirt from Michael Kors... Costs a pretty penny though!
Nose Sneakers at YOOX
Ralph Lauren Cardigan and Nose Sneakers (Really!)

There are some really cute kid's clothes, so if you have fashion conscious teens, have them take a look...(you never know with them though, designer is not always designer with them!) The Kid's and Junior's section is much more reasonable....(Sneakers were only $30...All the kids in Europe were running around in those things.)

Well Ta!


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