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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Backlash - Will Mars and Venus Ever Call a Truce?

It has always struck me as odd that men have not launched a counter attack to the Feminist Movement, and for the most part have existed in a rather confusing and contradictory limbo, unsure of the role women and society now expect them to play. For almost 40 years now, women have been beating up on men, complaining about nearly every aspect and behavior that is male, while strangely doing their damnedest to be like a male.

As it turns out, the backlash is now in full swing. And it ain't pretty.

The first hints of this backlash were to be found in some of the newer men's magazines, such as Maxim or FX, which started to write about women much in the same way that Cosmopolitan and other Women's Magazines have usually written about men. Not outright hostile, but definitely adversarial and condescending.

Then there is the phenomenon that is the Tom Leykis. I learned about TL while flipping around the radio, looking for something in English to keep me company on a long drive. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I am hooked, and that I listen to the Tom Leykis show much more than I should. I am horrified by what I am hearing, but I can't turn it off. For those who aren't familiar with the show, it could be described as "Men's Liberation" and advocates the single life for men. No marriage, don't even let a woman move in with you and "get her claws" into you. This show has plenty of followers and is gaining popularity.

This is bad folks, very bad. I can't say I blame the guys after the years of abuse we women have been dishing out, but there's going to be a revolution and it remains to be seen just how bloody it's going to get!



Lisa said...

Oooh, I've heard him on the radio a few times. I can't believe he's popular because it's so out there. He makes every woman sound like a gold digger dying to get knocked up. You got to appreciate men like him though because they make the good guys look even better.

Jacran Cottage said...

Oh boy, you've hit on a pet peeve of mine. What gives women the right to treat men with such distain and disregard? Isn't this the way men were supposed to have treated women in the past that started this "feminist" thing in the first place. If TV shows portrayed women the way they portray men, the feminist movement would be up in arms. But it's OK to treat men as ridiculous imbeciles who can't do a thing for themselves, or sometimes can't even do a thing right. I get so upset with this kind of thing.

Maybe things were out of balance in the past, and some changes were necessary, but it seems to me that the pendulum has swung entirely too far in the other direction. Isn't there a lot of middle ground there that can hold respect for both genders?

Jackie in ON