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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face

I bet the American Indians wish that Gloria Allred had been on the Wagon Trail back when the West was being settled, for if she had, nobody would have gotten past the Mississippi. In fact, they would all still be there arguing about who has to do the dishes.

When the men went out to hunt so that they may eat, Ms. Allred would be waiting for them not with a hot fire to prepare the evening meal, but with a lawsuit and camera crew, ready to vilify the men for excluding women on the hunting trip as well as cruelty to animals. This is the lady who sued the Boyscouts for not allowing girls and Kmart for having boy's toys in one section and girl's toys in another. Because we all know that girls would eschew Barbie and the Easy Bake Oven if it were not for the male dominated society.

My point here is not just to point out the absurd, or even cast out the baby with the bath water. Some of what came out of the feminist movement is good, and was very much needed. But we are now engaging in a war on boys, which is really a war against ourselves and is going to lead to the unraveling of our civilization.

I know many believe this to be hogwash, but it is something that I had started to notice before I ever heard any mention of it in the media. It is subtle, but it is there. Before I was even conscious of any notion of a "War on Boys", I would hear statements by teachers and principals in the schools, that just seemed downright unfair. Some of them were just shy of openly hostile towards boys, and of course, typical boy behavior was NOT TO BE TOLERATED. (In case you haven't noticed, women have taken over the schools, so the boys are in real trouble if they get stuck with some nasty feminist types.)

Then we have those who openly say that we no longer need men as they trot off to the sperm bank to fulfill themselves and their wish for child. They make their own money, they explain, they don't NEED to have the father around.

Well OK then!

But what kind of a statement is that? Women didn't like it much when we were thought of as simply instruments of child bearing or sexual gratification for men, and now we are doing the exact same thing! Combine that with the ME generation attitude and it seems that women have somehow gotten the idea that it is all about them.

I just wonder what the child is going to think when Mommy tells him or her that she doesn't NEED a daddy. Most likely Mommy will give junior some new-agey cock and bull storey about how special they are because they don't have a daddy. What Mommy really should tell junior is that Mommy is so incredibly self-centered and selfish that she felt she had to produce another human being for her own personal gratification.

Think that is harsh? Try this: Think of your own father. Now get rid of him. You don't need him. What's more, you don't get to know him either. You don't get to know who he is, what he looked like, or even his name. Forget about camping trips and baseball, your mother decided all that was not necessary. You may even have two Mommies or two Daddies (in which case the child is ripped off one Mother), and you should be grateful because otherwise you could've ended up in a ditch somewhere, and it is much more important that whichever combination of adults lead fulfilling lives than you know where you come from or get to know the person who made you.

Stop being so selfish will you?



Rootietoot said...

Well said. I have 4 boys, all of whom need their father very much, even though most of them are intheir late teens and consider themselves 'grown up'.

We've been fortunate that they've had many male teachers, and the female teachers have been experienced and practical (well, most of them).

I often wonder what Ms Allread's issues are. Does she wish she were a man. and is taking her frustrations out on men?

Jennifer said...

man, i can't stand feminist!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I couldn't have said it better myself.

Ms. Allred obviously needs a little more variety in her life.

By the way, my daughter is a fan of "boy" toys, does Ms. Allred find it amazing that we are able to walk through the "boy's" aisle and make a decision on our own as to which toys to buy?

I agree with your comment on the "War on Boys" in school. Maybe a little more Recess, P.E. and unstructered Art wouldn't hurt!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Great topic!

First of all, I want to say that I am a mother of 2 girls and one boy. And I don't care what anyone says about 'boy behavior' and 'girl behavior''s all bullshit. Each child has their own personality, and no matter how much I tried to get my first child (a girl) to be in touch with both her feminine and masculine sides...a "tomboy", if you wasn't gonna happen! She was a girly-girl from the start...wanted nothing but lacy dresses and pink ribbons and Barbies from the start...much to my dismay. lol!

My son is quite "Boyish", but he is THE MOST empathetic person I have ever known! Just hearing another baby makes him cry, because he knows that baby is upset, and he wants to help that baby not be upset any longer.

Claire, my "baby"...VERY in touch with her masculine side, and wouldn't wear a dress to save her life most of the time.

My point here is...Gloria Allred needs to know that kids are who they are going to be! And no amount of persuasion-well, legal anyway-is going to make them different. No matter how hard I have pushed one way or the other has made one bit of difference. And mixing up toys in the toy aisle? Puh-leeeeeaaaaaaaaassse!!! Get a grip, Gloria!

As for missing Dads or Moms...I just think it's more important to grow up in a secure, loving, trusting relationship with whatever parent/s you have than which gender they are. An angry, frustrated, overwhelmed, uncaring Mom or Dad who is forced to be there when they don't want to be isn't good for anyone! My personal family is the 'tradional nuclear family' and it works for us. But other types of families work out just as well, or better even.

And actually, I was adopted. So, I know that there is a mother and father and probably other siblings out there that I have no contact with. Sure...I wonder about them all the time, and what I may or may not have missed out on. So there is a little part of me that wonders where they are or why they gave me up and all that, but...I know things work out the way they are supposed to, and I'm not harmed in any way by not having my biological parents there. In fact, I would bet my life I'm better off.

Not that I want to leave a novel here, but...about the schools. Like anonymous said...I do believe that a LOT of the behavior problems would disappear if there were more time for creative outlets and recess and running around and all that stuff! Even if it meant my kids had to stay in school a little longer...say 30 minutes...a couple more 15 minute breaks here and there would help them be a lot more conducive to sitting down and being still when needed during more structured time.