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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Save Save Save!

I just bought a new bedding set - a 24-Piece Room Ensemble in a Bag! Bed in a Bag! It has curtains too! Anybody who needs anything home-decorish or jewelry-wise or clothing -wise , hop over to ON THE DOUBLE!!! This is their biggest One Day Sale of the year and after today, prices go up for the Christmas Fleecing! My new bedding set :
- Canyon Crest "Simsbury Stripe" 24-Piece Room Ensemble in a Bag For $199!!!

- Then I got this cute little Snoopy Radio for a stocking stuffer $14.95, it's a while supplies last deal and they offer it to you when you check out!

Finally, I am trying to figure out who I could give these to:

14k White Gold 1/2 ct. t.w. Diamond Studs

They are only $199.00 which seems like a deal to me for diamonds (I am not a big fan of Jewelry, but I can't resist things that sparkle...). Anyway, GET SOME EARLY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DONE NOW!!! I GUARANTEE PRICES ARE ONLY GOING UP NOW!!!

OK Gotta Shop Some More!



PS...Because I ordered, I got a free shipping code from Macy's ($100 or more purchase) which I will share:
XN05Q0QT1DDF (Not sure if you can just use code alone, or need link in I included link just in case...PPS...if anybody uses it and finds it is no longer valid...please let me know so I can take it down. PPS...don't tell Macy's where you got it!) ;)

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Rootietoot said...

hi- I just found your spot doing a search on radical feminism and housewives. I'm working on a bit defending housewives roles in todays society. You Rock! AND you're going into my favorites.