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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mother's Little Helpers

It occured to me that the "Boomers" are extremely rigid in their thinking. Even when the evidence is piling up against them, they cling to the notion that the social changes they brought about are somehow "enlightened" and to question them is to brand yourself some sort of Right Wing Nutcake (My apologies to Right Wing Nutcakes).

At least out here in California. And Massachusetts too...but let me get to that later.

So I have taken to giving my profession as Housewife when somebody wants to know what I am up to all day. The responses I get are very interesting. If a discussion of my profession starts, invariably, "Mother's Little Helpers" come up. What is meant by this, is that being a housewife is so incredibly unsatisfying that it was necessary to prescribe Valium in order to cope. We wouldn't want to go back to THAAAT!]


Has it occurred to no one that the number of Happy Pills we are on now as a society makes "Mother's Little Helpers" seem like placebos? (and we don't even get Valium!). Hey Boomers! If your social changes were so great, why is half the country on drugs? Shouldn't we all be on a natural high?

Kids are floundering left and right, standards have gone down the toilet (because, god forbid somebody gets hurt feelings) and nothing of any importance can be meaningfully discussed, because sometimes hard choices have to be made, and that usually means somebody's feelings get hurt. Which makes you a racist. Or a Sexist. Or an anti-Dentite.

We are so caught up in this nicey nice baloney that we have become a nation of liars. BIG FAT LIARS. Left, Right, Up, Down. It's all peace, love and let somebody else pay for it with the 60s crowd. I think it's time for a national Time Out for the Boomers. They need to go to their rooms and think about what they have done. Maybe when they come out they will open their minds and see the other side of the coin.



Rootietoot said...

Well...a little help unwinding at the end of the days doesn't go amiss. Give me a icy cold martini around 5:30, once the dinner is simmering and waiting for the man o' the house to get home from work, and all is well. It's a time-honored tradition.

La Chouette said...

Well said RH! La Chouette.

Jennifer said...

great post!

Anonymous said...

Great post!! I need to have my husband read it...he would swear I wrote it, lol. I am a boomer myself, and I can't tell you how often I find myself responding to a news story with a muttered "Oy, I hate hippies" or "Stupid boomers!" They threw out everything of value and now pride themselves on the empty, tacky, crass society that was left in its place.

Anyway, I just discovered your blog and am happy to have found a kindred spirit. Keep up the good work!

Maryam said...

Oh well said, in deed! God bless you for saying that!!