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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell Is An Ugly Person

Rosie O'Donnell

I am not talking about her appearance. Today on Live with Regis & Kelly, Clay Aiken of American Idol Fame tried to silence Ms. Ripa by reaching over and covering her mouth with his hand. Ms. Ripa responded appropriately by giving Mr. Aiken a mild reprimand, and then trying to lighten things up with a joke.

"I don't know where your hands have been".

I heard the replay on the radio and it was a graceful but firm maneuver out of an awkward situation. That really should have been the end of it, with the exception of Mr. Aiken enrolling in a basic manners course.
Kelly Ripa

Enter Rosie O'Donnell on The View, who has managed to make the whole incident about herself by accusing Ms. Ripa of "Homophobia", on National Television no less. Talk about blaming the victim. That woman needs to have her head examined and then go to some anger management courses. Here is why:
  1. What Mr. Aiken did was rude. He was invited onto a show and basically told his hostess to shut up. He is her junior both in age and in accomplishment, and she deserves respect. Mr. Aiken did not give it to her.
  2. Ms. Ripa should not have to justify her reasons for not wanting somebody putting his hand over her mouth. That is nobody's business but her own, and to have some aggressive loud-mouth criticize her for somebody else's failure to respect her own personal space is just gross.
  3. Ms. O'Donnell is a bully who does not respect anybody else unless they adhere to her wayClay Aiken of thinking. It isn't right that she fling accusations and "labels" at people to further her own agenda, especially on national television.
It is important that the rest of us do not put up with this, because there is a lot at stake. It has become commonplace to accuse people of being racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic .... Etc. as a method of silencing and intimidating them.

These tactics are a form of oppression, plain and simple. There is nothing "tolerant" about Ms. O'Donnell, she is attempting to impose her way of life on everybody else, come hell or high water.

To use a political analogy, There is not much difference in a dictator from the left and a dictator from the right.



Anonymous said...

Rosie is such a LOUD, UGLY female....she brings shame to the rainbow & female community. She is worse than Roseanne Barr!!!!!! How can anyone allow this ASS to speak freely on the network? She needs an education & an ass kicking.......I love lesbians, but HATE her "UGLY" ASS!!!! Go
"bury" your ugly ass/head in the sand Rosie "dumbass" O'Donnell :)

Rootietoot said...

I think Rosie's just grasping desperately for something to keep her life meaningful, but maybe has too much pride to admit she can't do it on her own.

I feel sorry for her.

Housewife said...

Well, last year she had a "crush" on Tom Cruise

This year she's out and she's angry

Maybe next year (after some time with the talk doctor) she'll be out and nice

Let's hope.

LoriLaurieLauri said...

I have always been such a HUGE fan of Rosie O'Donnel! And still am. But, yeah...things I have heard the last few weeks about her rudeness have really surprised me-although, I have to admit I've gone through stages like that before, too. Actually, last fall I said some really rude, mean things to two friends. I did go back and friend understood that I was going through a lot at that point, accepted my apology and we have gone on from there. The other-well, really I was just commenting about a really WEIRD statement she made about, where the hell did you get that???...And although I apologized for something that didn't really need an apology, she has completely cut me off. I dunno.

Anyway...where was I going with this??? lol1

Oh yeah, Rosie...I'm thinking there are some underlying issues she is dealing with right now. Hope she can get help with that soon.

ILoveMyNewJeans said...

You can tell when she is off her medication by what she says on her show. She's a dangerous person to have a microphone in this country.