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Monday, December 11, 2006

Note to Mammalettie

First I have to tell you I like your "handle" => Mammalettie. It sounds very nice! OK, now the real reason for this entry! Please accept my apologies if you felt I was knocking you, or anyone who puts their child on Ritalin or similar based on the sound diagnosis of a doctor. There is a real medical condition that requires this medication, and any responsible parent would choose to give a child medicine when they need it (IMHO).

What I am flapping my gums about is the "bandwagon approach" that seems to be prevalent in many schools, where you have teachers, principals, administrators, dingbats and hedgehogs advising parents to go get some drugs for their kids so they will just sit quietly and not make any noise, thank you very much!

Not that I am excusing disruptive behavior either, but it seems to me that what used to be accepted as "boys being boys" behavior has now become abberrant behavior, even though, to my knowledge, boys are still being assembled much as they were in the past and are just not as nice and quiet right out of the box as girls are!

Reading your letter, it is obvious to me that the choice to put your son on Ritalin was not taken lightly and that you tried alternatives before deciding to go ahead with medication. I think you approached it just right, and I hope I would have done the same had my son really needed it.

I don't really view this issue as one of ideology, where I am "for" or "against" using medicine. That would be just silly.

I do object to kids being treated that aren't sick, because somebody is too lazy to take the time to raise the kid, or worse, based on some politically correct notion of how things ought to be.



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Lisa- Homeschool and Unschooling Resources said...

It sure makes you think- I know more then one family where there child does NOT take their Ritalin during the summer months because they don't need it. This is just accepted very matter-of-factly.

Never mind boys will be boys- but how but kids will be kids. Children are not meant to sit i class room staring straight ahead and "behaving" ( read: controlled )for 6-7 hours a day.

It is shameful to me that instead of figuring out ways to better engage our children we medicate them.