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Monday, February 05, 2007


As I get to know the three new little members of our family, I can't help but think we are really, truly in the New Millennium. The future that we imagined as kids, and that was lived by the likes of George and Jane Jetson (et al).

Picture a quiet evening at home. Mom in the kitchen fixing dinner, husband and kids watching the boob tube or surfing the net, dogs curled up on their pillows and our three little Bots, Roobie, Scoobie and Doobie whirling and spinning their respective ways around the room. exploring every nook and cranny eliminating dirt and grime as they go!

This is what they look like:

Roobie Roomba
Scoobie Scooba
Doobie Dirt Dog

The funny thing is that these robots seem almost like pets, and when I bump into Roomba in the kitchen, I found myself saying "Oh, sorry Roobie" which now leads me to wonder... should I scold her when she knocks over the dog's water dish?



Domestic Chicky said...

I almost thought that the dirt dog picked up...well, dog dirt. Wouldn't THAT be an incredible invention?

Rootietoot said...

I wonder how my 4 low-rider dogs would take to one of those. I'd have to put ears on it or something.