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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Dress... We finally Got One!

So, last time I posted I mentioned I was off to Nordstroms with my daughter to look for a dress for her winter formal. We did go to Nordstroms that day, but were not successful. (They didn't have their Prom dress selection out yet.)

Then on Wednesday I happened to be in the Mall and I noticed that Macy's had a HUGE selection of really cute little dresses
just perfect for our winter formal, and I excitedly told my daughter this later that day, with a promise that we could go on Saturday to shop for one.

However, what I didn't realize was that my daughter had a bad case of parental disbelief syndrome, which she had apparently caught from her roommate. Her roommate had just been to the outlet mall, and had purchased her dress at the Betsey Johnson outlet store. So... three guesses where we went today!

I put my pride aside and enthusiastically plowed through racks of "bargain" Betsey Johnson dresses. My back hurt, and at one point I heard a voice that sounded like mine mutter "Well, $190 isn't bad". I had moved beyond sticker shock, and was cruising smoothly along in the delirium that follows. Just as I was beginning to enter the panic stage, (when you are grabbing at every dress within reach and holding them up while shrieking "this is cute, don't you like this???") My daughter announced she didn't like anything there. We then repeated the same process in 2 or 3 more designer outlet shops. NOTHING.

On the ride home, I mentioned the dresses I had seen at Macy's. She agreed to go have a glance. As we walked into the young, hip and size 2 section of Macy's, my daughter squealed something like "Oh My God This Is Exactly What I Was Looking For!"

Score one for Mom.


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