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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Winter Formal Featuring Yours Truly as Chaperon

I am on the Winter Formal Dance commitee, and have volunteered to chaperon! (add this to the list of things that make me feel old...)

Our theme this year is Mardi Gras, so we are busy making the decorations... We will create the atmosphere of New Orleans meets Venice (NO BEADS!!!) and will have a jazz club, a paddle boat and lots of other good stuff to create a festive atmosphere! WOW! (At my highschool dances, they set up a band in the cafeteria and served punch...)

I am off to do this now:
Projects include:  spray paint street sign poles, stuff notes into Mask packages, chandeliers...bring those water bottles, we are saving green too...Perrier or Ginger ale...street signs and I'm sure we'll think of something else by tomorrow!
Afterwards my daughter and I are going to Nordstroms to shop for a dress. We'll see how that goes! She is kind of picky!


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Rootietoot said...

No BEADS! Whadya mean no beads? Next thing you'll be telling me you aren't going to serve King Cake. *tsk*