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Friday, March 16, 2007

A Bit of Fashion, a Bit of Breakfast!

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to a fashion show, or private showing really, organized through my daughters school with the local Nordstrom to present all of the white dresses available for the senior girl's graduation ceremony. Senior girls and their mothers were invited, and I tagged along to take pictures (and because I am nosy that way).

It was a real "Ladies Who Lunch" moment! (Technically, Ladies Who Breakfast, but that just isn't as catchy!) It was most enjoyable too, I must say! I had no idea such things were going on in the world! Our private showing was held before opening hours (thus breakfast), and the nice Nordstrom lady gave each of us spiffy little gift packs wrapped elegantly in clear wrap and tied up with a silver satin bow!Private fashion showing at Nordstrom

The Nordstrom ladies then presented the dresses (holding them up, not modeling), talked a bit about each one, and then the girls got to try on the dresses that they liked (and buy them, if they wanted to). It worked out well for both, since I am sure Nordies sold a few dresses, and the girls had their moms right there to pay, and their fashion critics (i.e. friends) there to tell them they look great! Very civilized approach to shopping for those only-going-to-wear-once-but-will-die-if-it -is-not-right dresses that girls of that age require! I wish they would do it for the formals and proms too!


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