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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Case for Barefoot and Pregnant

Could it be that women are just too damn stupid for any serious discussion on their own well being? Is everything we do aimed at gaining approval from men? Are there ANY women in academia today that can manage to pull together a reasonable study on the status of women in today's society without it dripping with self-hatred and blatant attempts to be one of the boys?

Why have I turned into a ranting looneytoon? Here is what happens when you let a woman loose with some data and a statistical package:

We get something called the “child penalty”.

It doesn't matter really what the article is about, it is so obviously biased against the traditional feminine that whatever conclusions are drawn, you know from the get-go that half the story has been left out. Congratulations Miss Boushey! You had an opportunity to do some meaningful research and you blew it on pandering to the boys.

Here's a thesis for you: why don't you come up with a way to estimate the real value of traditional women's work of homemaking and child rearing to both our own families and to society, and what the "Mannabe penalty" is? It's OK! The guys in your office already know you are a girl!


Heather Boushey is an "Economist" at the Center for Economic and Policy Research.


Coffee Wife said...

I grew up with the Feminist understanding of life - they preached it all through my public school education! - and went out and did what any man would do! Er...but I'm a woman. Anyway, now I'm 31 years old and finally married and wanting kids. But who knows if I'll ever have any?? Or how many I'll be able to have now that my fertility peak has passed? (Fertility declines very sharply at about age 27 and takes another sharp dip at age 30...but femminists don't TELL you this.)
Why couldn't we girls have been told that there are so many other options to life besides just the manly persuit of college and career? I'm not against college or careers. I'm against only being told ONE side of the story of life! "Go to college, get a career - otherwise you are an oppressed nobody!"
I'd give anything to have been barefoot and pregnant at a nice young age so I could have as many as I wished!!
I grew up and spent most of my 20's thinking that having kids would "ruin my life" and make me so unhappy. How deluded I was. How brainwashed. How sad!

Rose said...

Coffee Wife,

I feel sorry for you dear, though you know you could probably still have plenty of children at your age now.

I myself am 18 and very much looking forward to having children earlier in my adulthood. I too have been fed propaganda about school and what is the most important in life. I've decided not to listen to it though, at the expense of negative and non-supportive comments from siblings and alike. I have not pursued a career and have found a man who loves me and most appreciates and understands my normal, womanly needs. I italicize "normal" because I feel it is a normal feeling and to those who don't they've been indoctrinated and now have a mindset.

We are being deprived of our femininity and made to feel that wanting children is wrong. It's a sad insult on women that having children and taking care of them is oppressing or not considered "real work." I feel also there is something outstandingly wrong when women can't start having children until approximately twenty years after they start puberty.

I wish you could regain your years, though 31 is young enough still.