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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Winter Dance

Hi all!

Last week-end was the winter formal at my daughter's Gracie's school. It was a very long and very busy day, but great fun was had by all!

First, I managed to get a hair appointment for my daughter, not an easy feat last minute, I can tell you that! It seems that other sneaky girls from her school had had the same idea and had already snagged the prime appointments. Nevertheless, we got in at 11:30, had the girl do a beautiful up-do with curls and at the last minute I told her to do Gracie's brows...clever eh? A little tug and rip never hurt anyone, I always say!

The fancy hair-do required that Gracie retire to her room for the remainder of the day, so as not to spoil her hair, and I was off to set-up crew duty. The dance was entirely organized by the Moms' club (technically Parents' club, but you know how that goes), so we were in charge of it all. I spend the next 3 hours constructing a 30 ft wide 6 ft tall hedge out of tree trimmings and wire, which was to be the grand entrance, as well as the back-drop for the photos. Our goal was to make the entrance look like a courtyard in the French Quarter of New Orleans. We had rented lamp posts, built street-signs and somebody had managed to find a swing-chair at a junk yard which we adorned with magnolia.

The pi├Ęce de resistence, however, was a life size plastic horse who's reigns were to be looped around the lamp post as if it's owner had just parked him there for a moment, while he had a drink at the saloon. Well, as you can imagine, placing a life size horse just so is no easy feat! Particularly since the dance photos were going to be taken there, and every position we tried seemed to guarantee that our darling dance-goers would have a horse's rumpus in their romantic Mardi Gras photos.

Our creative director and chief of the winter formal planning committee had her heart set on the horse, however, so after an hour of deliberation, our horse finally found a home!


to be continued...


Rootietoot said...

You know, a horse's rumpus in a Mardi Gras photo is rawther apropos, actually. (still think you shoulda had beads. And King Cake)

Anonymous said...

You know, I'd be able to take you more seriously if you learned how to use apostrophes and didn't just stick them in anywhere you felt like it. Here's a clue: "who's" is a contraction for "who is." (You meant "whose.") Another: "it's" is a contraction for "it is." (You meant "its.") Always, every time, no exceptions, how tough is that to keep track of? Let's (ooh, a contraction of "let us") stop peppering our words with apostrophes, just for seasoning. Making a plural? Oh, we must need an apostrophe in there! A word that ends in 'S' -- we need an apostrophe before that, don't we? Better put it in, never know when you might need an extra apostrophe. :P

Retro Housewife said...

Dear anonymous,

You are so right, I should be flogged....with an apostrophe. It is very careless of me.