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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Attention All Shopping Nuts

I have been meaning to blog for the last week, and somehow never found the time. Things are getting busy again, and I don't even know why! I will get right to the point: I came across some great coupon codes that I'd like to share:
  1. Macy's coupon code: Free Shipping with $100 only@Macy's Apparel Purchase. Promo code: ONLYATMACYS. Offer valid through 04.10.07

    (Shame I didn't find this code sooner...but oh well!)

  2. Ugg coupon code: (As in Ugg of daughter and all her friends are still crazy about the Ugg boots, and they are NOT CHEAP. So, If you have a teenage girl at home, I hope this helps!)

    Free shipping on all orders
    at UGG Australia with code UGGforSpring. No minimum purchase required. (Usually you have to buy $100 or so for the free shipping, and I think this code is good until the end of April.)

  3. "Simple Shoes" coupon code - that's the name of them! They are owned by the same company as Ugg (which happens to be a local company, local to me that is!) and they make environmentally friendly shoes! I got myself a pair of their "Green shoes" meaning that they are made out of recycled materials, and most likely will dissolve into dirt when you are done with them. They aren't the prettiest shoes on the planet, but they are comfy, and you can adopt a holier-than-thou attitude when wearing them. I plan to use them in my defence should anyone accost me in the parking lot for driving a monstrosity of an SUV.

    So there!

    Oops...almost forgot the code:

    Free shipping on all orders at Simple Shoes No minimum purchase required with code GREENSPRING04.


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