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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Free as a Turtle, Proms & Princes

Oh to be a turtle and carry one's house on one's back, free to pick up and follow the winds when the wanderlust sets in. I am sure that is what was in the mind of turtle #2 upon realizing that he was no longer captive in an aqaurium in our family room, but now lived in a custom built turtle pond in our back yard.

That's right, after finally sucumbing to the guilt imposed on us by they guy at the pet store, the boys made a trip to Home Depot, purchased all the neccessary ingredients for an outdoor turtle pond, (including the latest copy of "Modern Turtle Living - Building a Home That Other Turtles Will Envy") and put in a rather spiffy looking turtle pond. We all felt rather good when we introduced turtles 1 and 2 to their new home.

The next morning, we hurried out to see how they were doing in their new home and found that Turtle #2 was gone. Turtle #1 was still happily swimming about, sunning himself and generally enjoying the life of a turtle. But after an hour of solid searching, turtle #2 was still no where to be found.

A week later, he was still missing!

Then, one morning, I looked down at the pond from my balcony and saw not one, but two turtle heads poking out of the water. As mysteriously as he disappeared, he returned. He has not said anything about where he had been, and we have not asked. Free as a turtle.

The senior prom is next month (it happens every year, so it is no surprise really), but I am on the prom committee and have been tasked with 1) recruiting 4 adults to staff the restrooms for the evenings and locating avaition-themed garb for said adults (our prom has a theme, you see), and putting together a baby picture collage of the seniors. I have not started yet and am beginning to stress about it!

So it didn't help this morning when I opened up my latest copy of "People Magazine" this morning and read that Prince William and Kate Middleton had split up. I don't know why I care about this, but I do, and am quite distraught. She is absolutely the perfect girl for him and doesn't he know what is good for him?

In case any of you are also in a state about the latest developments in royal relationships, console yourselves with a bit of shopping! My favorite discarded designer duds store YOOX is having an extra 20% Off "Event". Or, if Home Shopping Network is more your speed, I saw some HSN coupon codes...New Customers Receive $15 off your single item jewelry purchase of $100 or more Offer ends May 31,2007. (I have listed all the HSN coupon codes here!)



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Coffee Wife said...

Hello! I love your blog! I'm a Retro Housewife (I guess?) on a farm in Scotland. I love it! This is the perfect life for me.