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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Read It In Maxim

Today I had my bimonthly hair appointment, which I must say I always enjoy because it always gives me time to catch up on popular culture via the ample supply of magazines available for my waiting room amusement.

Instead of reaching for the current issue of People Magazine, as is my custom, I grabbed a recent issue of Maxim, the popular Men's Magazine... (Very amusing, I must say!). In it was an article called Gender Theft in which the author lamented the merging of the sexes, and the corresponding loss of quality "Guy Time", i.e. hanging out with the boys, male bonding etc..

This of course caught my attention, as it appears to be yet another piece of evidence supporting my suspicion that the social pendulum, as relating to male/female relations, has, so to speak swung. A backlash is in the making, and one can only hope that the men, in their retaliation, will follow the Geneva Conventions.

I have to admit, that I was a bit surprised that the author took issue with women's attempt to be "One of the Guys" as, on first glance, this seems conciliatory. Upon further reflection, I decided that it would be somewhat annoying to always have a member of the opposite sex present in social activities, especially if they feigned enjoyment or understanding of the bonding rituals taking place. I mean, we gals value our gal time, right?

I guess there is a fine line between taking an interest in, and being supportive of your man's hobbies, friends, activities, and taking them over.


PS, I would love to hear opinions on this topic, be you male or female, but am especially eager to hear the male point of view! So, don't be shy, I don't bite, Sound Off!


Jessie said...

Ok, Ive got a story. Its actually opposite, but its along the same lines.

My ex best friend had/has this boyfriend. She didnt always have him, and when he came along he was the best thing that ever happened to her. Thats all well and good, and I understand all of that, Im a married woman myself, but its when he started tagging along to everything that I got a little weirded out. Im not just talking about when he came to my house with her, Im talking about knitting circles, craft parties, things that he had NO interest in. The straw that broke it was when he came with her to girl's day out, which was at another friend's house, where we all knit, made jewelry, and gushed over the pregnant lady. It was creepy that he sat there reading his dirt bike magazines and looking over at us. Later on, he pulled a "panic attack" and wouldnt let my friend come to the strip club with us (female strip club, it was a going away party for my friend who was a stripper there who was moving.)

Ive never been the type to ban boys night out, but then again my husband doesnt have any friends. And on that note, he generally makes friends with my friends, but understands that he needs to stay home if Im going out with them.

Hell, the lady who's house we went to, her husband took a backpack full of food and went to the movie theater for the day because he didnt want to be around girls!

Maybe it was a control issue, I dont know, but I didnt like having a guy in my knitting circle who didnt knit with us. Nuff said.

Rootietoot said...

I've never understood why some women wouldn't let men have their guy-time. My husband plays golf, and sometimes I go with him, but mostly he goes with 3 other men, and they smoke cigars and drink and probably scratch. He comes home rested, renewed, and much more willing to do the irritating chores I have waiting. I think the whole idea of men and women mixing it up comes from the cockeyed notion that men and women really aren't different, that those differences are bred in, rather than naturally occuring. Phooey on that.

Kelly said...

My husband has a morning out with the guys this coming weekend. I think they will be talking about's their hobby. He has 'dinner with the guys' 3 maybe 4 times a month. I would never begrudge him his guy time. I like airplanes fine but I don't need to be part of his hobby.

twinklemom said... about this...A woman runs a clearly labeled "Moms group" but to "equal it out" lets guys join.

I'm all for Mr.Mom, but uhm...what happen to groups for just moms?

I saw a really great term for this phenomena, the demasculization and defeminization of the culture. Basically...we're being raised to think we are "Its" without gender. Hmm...wasn't there a Star Trek episode about though...oh wait..go back further, it's called "Brave New World".

There's times when guys need to be with one of the guys and times when girls need to be with one of the girls and then there's mixed...

I think that feminism is really trying TOO hard to create equality and in the process forgets that you can't change the fact, we're either a man or a woman...unless you have a gender changing operation then all bets are off. LOL

Anonymous said...

I understand the issue of girls need their gal pal time and guys need their poker, boxing fight nights and shenaniganery, etc. But in general, especially with the younger 'video game' culture, a new overlapping social existence has happened when a neutral genre (I'm mentioning gaming) has both a both equal foot.
Women have definitely evolved in what 'borders' they've crossed on what's 'guy time.' Not necessarily a bad thing, since I've met some of the most amazing people through this type of 'closed off' sectors. Plus, if the girl is very laid back within the guys' atmosphere, then even the shyest of the shut-ins get to practice on how to really talk to women. (Believe me, I've met a couple where the friendship was symbiotic on that part!)

Moderation, I suppose, is still the paramount between both genders.