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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I am going BONKERS! The neighbors have a new dog and have left it in the yard while they are at work. It barks NON STOP!

Like this: arf, arf, arf,....yip, yip...arf, arf! (Repeat 100 Million times!)

Why do people do this? If I say anything to them they will get huffy and then give us dirty looks. (That's what happened when we asked them to limit the motor car toy noise.)

Is it unethical to slip the dog some Valium? If so, is it unethical to slip myself some Valium?

Just wondering!



Jessie said...

Its not unethical to put in a call to Animal Control. What theyll do is theyll warn them that there is a problem. If the problem isnt taken care of, dog finds a new home and they pay a fine.

People shouldnt have animals unless someone plans to be home with them to tend to them. Theyre like kids, only instead of being a danger to themselves theyre an annoyance to everyone around them.

Rootietoot said...

I don't think there is anything more irritating than a barking dog. Our next door neighbor has one that stands on the porch and yaps nonstop, and when I said something about how irritating a barking dog is, she said "Oh, I just love to hear it, it makes me think my children are home." BAARF!

And, unfortunately, we live in the county, where animal control has no jursidiction.