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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day + Incredible La Redoute Coupon Code!

The first of May was a real treat for me as a kid. I don't know where the custom came from, but my sisters and I would gather flowers, put them in those plastic mesh green strawberry cartons, decorate them with ribbon, and then ding-dong-ditch the neighbors! (The basket of flowers was left on their front porch.) I got a real kick out of that as a kid, probably because it involved making something pretty, and then a legitimate doorbell ditch. Not once did anyone ever get angry (as they did when I tried it on a day which was not the 1st of May, and without leaving flowers.)!

May Basket with Roses
That was fun!


One more thing! One of my favorite stores, La Redoute is offering 25% off your whole order. I do a lot of shopping there because La Redoute has really cute styles and they are reasonably priced (sometimes downright inexpensive)! La Redoute apparently just gave their site a makeover, so that is the occasion. Here's the 25% off offer link, and La Redoute coupon code LRNEWSITE (Not sure whether you need to use the link and code, so copy the code before you click the link!)Cute white cropped capris These cute capris are only $29.99! Capris are very IN!!!


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