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Monday, May 07, 2007

Not Your Father's Politician

France just got a new president. His name is Nicolas Sarkozy, and he is the son of Hungarian immigrants to France. While notable, those bits of information are not the most interesting thing about the new leader of France, this is:
"In the republic that I want to serve," he said, "there cannot be rights without obligations. All must have their opportunity, but they must earn it by work, by personal commitment, by belief." Nicolas Sarkozy
Novel, isn't it? Rights and obligations, personal commitment, merit and hard work! Even more interesting is the support Mr. Sarkozy received from the young, who celebrated jubilantly in the streets of Paris upon victory of the center/right candidate over the socialist candidate.
Kids just have to rebel against their parents, and have done so in France by electing a man who wants to "sweep away what he calls the values of the 1968 student revolution that he says have degraded France."

Tic Toc goes the clock, the pendulum swings.
"I will rehabilitate work, authority, morals, respect and merit. I will put the nation and national identity first and give the French people a reason to be proud." Nicolas Sarkozy
I am wondering whether this is the beginning of a trend in the western world, or whether it will be limited to France. Given France's influence on fashion and culture, I think we will start to see evidence of the new morality in the coming years.

We shall see....



Rootietoot said...

This is indeed very interesting to watch. What remains to be seen is if the French people have the intestinal fortitude to follow through. I will remain sceptical.

finance girl said...

I was also excited to see Sarkozy win, and hope this bodes well for the French and for France!