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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Tale of Murphy Brown and Other Boomer Bedtime Stories

I liked the show Murphy Brown, it was funny and entertaining and as a young career woman, I identified with Murphy and her travails. When Murphy decided to have a baby on her own, I saw it as a perfectly normal thing for her to do in her quest for a fulfilling life. Murphy was, after all, a modern, educated, financially independent woman. Why shouldn't she do what she wanted to?

Hooray for Murphy!

And then I got married and had children. And guess what? So did Murphy! Not the TV Murphy, but the statistical Murphy. As I just read in the Economist today, it turns out that only 4% of children born to mothers with college degrees are born out of wedlock (compared to 15% among women without). Not only that, but the educated gals are more than twice as likely to stay married than the ones who dropped out of high school or have only a high school diploma.

So it seems there was a little "it's totally OK to do this, but it's just not right for me" going on behind the scenes. In other words, the intellectual architects of the "feminist" movement (you remember, the one that made it OK to have kids without being married, and incorporated divorce into the all-liberating bra burning ceremony) are happily living in the suburbs with their husbands, driving expensive SUVs and sipping Lattes.

OK, so they're hypocrites, so what? Well guess what else the article said? It said that married people will end up FOUR times richer than those who never marry. That's One, Two, Three, FOUR times richer!

In fact, they call it "The Marriage Gap". It's the new term describing how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting divorced.

Funny, Isn't it?


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Jessie said...

Thats kinda scary, because I didnt finish college, and we are poor...but then again, Im pretty sure everyone is poor in their early 20's. Not really excusable in your 30's, because by then you should no longer be delivering pizzas and you should have a real career, but thats the theory.

I think the rules of feminism change too often for anyone to actually find any use for it.