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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Importance of Knowing Stuff

The nice thing about gravity is that any debates concerning its existence here on earth are likely to be short, as those on the wrong side of the gravity debate will be quickly persuaded by the facts.

One can still argue over the morality or desirability of gravity, (without it we would all be catapulted into space and perish vs. ridding ourselves of gravity would stop people, planes and other items from smashing into our planet at an uncomfortable speed). I guess it is one of those cases where you must consider the well-being of the many vs. the needs of a few. (Unless of course somebody figures out how to make money by selling gravity, then we would quickly take gravity management out of the hands of nature and turn it over to say, Haliburton or Enron and call it Economic Growth.)

But it is really no fun to argue and debate if neither party has knowledge of the topic. It is even less fun to, for example, fly in an airplane built by people who have no knowledge of how to build an airplane. It doesn't really matter how loudly or persistently or eloquently they proclaim their ability to build airplanes, if they have never attended airplane building school, chances are they don't really posses the skills needed to build airplanes. Even if they do manage to put together something resembling an airplane, it most likely will not meet the high standards that most airline passengers seem to demand these days (remaining intact while airborne comes to mind).

The reason I bring this up, is that we are entering into one of those periods at the end of which we are going to have to elect a new president. I propose that this time, before we put on our red or blue colors, lets make sure we weed out the idiots. No more "C" averages in college! If you are an average Joe or Jane, don't vote for somebody who is "like you". Could you run the country? I sure couldn't! I don't want somebody like me, I want somebody a whole lot smarter and experienced than me. Not some regular guy or gal who could be one of us.

The position of the Presidency calls for greatness, let's make sure we have a chance at that before we all start squabbling over the so-called issues.

To use the airplane analogy, if we have a quality airplane, we can still argue about where to go, but without one, it all becomes moot because we will just crash and burn.


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