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Monday, July 23, 2007

New Kid In Town

David Beckham 23I have always felt there is much to admire about the game of soccer. (Lecherous grin)...

David Beckham
There is a new kid in town, his name is David Beckham (Yes, as in Bend It Like...), and it only cost the LA Galaxy about a gazillion dollars to get him here, but if the crowd's reaction was any indication, it'll be money well spent.

Plus, Mr. Beckham comes with a Mrs! Yup! None other than the former Miss Posh Spice, now known officially as Victoria Beckham.

(Readers of People Magazine will know that Mrs. David Beckham is BF with Mrs. Tom Cruise).

Both were in attendance to watch Becks play his first game with the Galaxy on Saturday, as was the Govenator. Soccer just went GLAM in California.


Chelsea vs Galaxy
P.S. Beckham is #23... and the other guys are fun to look at. ;-)

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