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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sleeping With Your Husband....His iPhone, Remote Control, A Power Cord And The Old XBox

This morning I woke up with an imprint of a very large remote control on my rear-end. This is not the first time this has happened by any means; before the (comparatively smooth) iPhone came out, I would regularly wake up with a dial-pad impression on my cheek which, if seen in the mirror before one has had one's coffee, can look like some hideous disease and cause one to scream.

Sometimes during the middle of the night I wake out of a rather restless sleep to find that I had not properly swept the bed of electronics, and have been snoozing on the innards of a computer of some sort. Or, it could be that it is not my DH or our beagle taking up all the room at the bottom of the bed, but is in fact the now unloved and obsolete XBox (that has been replaced by the new and much better (!??) XBox) which has taken up residence in our bed in protest.

On My Side!

I must confess that I do not have a solution as of yet, complaining will only lead to short term reductions in the number of electronic bedfellows, which only serves to make me complacent and careless, until the night I climb into bed only to crack my head on that month's technological innovation.

I am also wary of ultimatums...I just may not get the answer I was hoping for.

So, just remember! Be kind to the nightly imprinted...There might just be a Frys Electronics opening soon near you.


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Dixie Amazon said...

My DH works for Radio Shack. I totally understand.