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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why The US Healthcare System Is a SICKO

This is an example that coincidentally happened to yours truly this morning. I am in search of a new doctor in my area, and I asked my old doctor in my hometown which is 30 minutes away, if he would recommend somebody here. He gave me a name, and I gave the doctor's office a call this morning.

I was informed that the doctor is not accepting new patients....pause...what kind of insurance do I have?

"Blue Cross"

"No, the doctor is not accepting new patients."

"What kind of insurance is the doctor accepting?"

"Cigna, Healthnet...that's all I can think of."

Call ends....

I did not know I had second class health insurance! But, it sure is nice to know that there is not a damn thing I can do about it, unless I want to go it alone on a policy, and from what I have read in the LA Times about single patient policies, it is far too risky. I might just end up giving my money to some insurance company who will dump me if I got sick.

This is messed up!


PS to Mrs. Happy Housewife: I don't disagree with you about the frivolous lawsuits, many simply make lawyers richer for no good reason. My sister is a former trial attorney, however, and I have to say that my view softened a bit when I heard about some of the cases she took on. For many, a lawsuit is the only option to force an insurance company to pay what they said they would in the first place. Until we have a system that can reliably meet our needs, we need those lawyers.

Uncertainty is very disruptive in an economy; that is why they thought up insurance.... to spread the risk over time and populace. I have no problem paying my premiums, I understand that health services cost money...but I want to be able to rely on what I sign up for!

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Rootietoot said...

eee we've run into the insurance thing. What's up with not accepting Blue Cross? I thought eeryone took BC. There's 6 psychiatrists in my town, none take BC, so I had to go to one an hour away, but she wanted to do a urine drug test on me everything I visited (to make sure I wasn't smoking crack between laundry loads, I guess), so I would up just keeping the one I've had for 15 years, who's 5 hours away, and paying full price for the visits.
I can afford it, but what about the people who need care and can't afford it. It worries me.