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Friday, August 17, 2007


I have not been as chatty lately because I have been furiously trying to remove skunk smell from every nook and cranny of our house. DH and dogs had a run in with a skunk. In all the excitement, the three stinkers ran into the house before I could say "boo" and in the process skunked up the whole place. Thus, these last weeks of summer vacation are being spent on project "Deskunification".

Of all the various skunk remedies out there, this is the one I found works best:

  • A bottle or two of hydrogen peroxide
  • A box or two of baking soda
  • Several squeezes of Palmolive
(Most recipes for this apply measurements, but believe me, you won't be in the mood to measure things out carefully). Rub it into the coat, then rinse with the warmest water your furry friend can tolerate. (WARM NOT HOT!!!)

It removed 95% of the smell from Beagle, and 100% from darling husband, but only 25% from our large dog. Unfortunately, I found no advice on how to get a 170 lb dog into the bathtub when he doesn't want to go into the bathtub.

One more thing about that mixture...don't mix it and store it because it'll apparently explode. Although, if Project Deskunkification fails...




Jessie said...

Can you maybe shave the dog? Worst comes to worst, take him to a groomer.

Liz said...

Did you try tomato juice? I remember my mom saying it was the only thing that worked on our dog, but I haven't had the occasion to try. I'd love to know if you tried it, and how it worked.