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Monday, August 20, 2007

Holy Cow! Housewives are HIP!

I can't believe I missed this article!
"Today's young women have abandoned feminism and are ready to live the life of an old-fashioned housewife, according to a new survey."
And this!
"Forty years after the 'Women's Lib' movement, less then a quarter of today's twenty-somethings - dubbed the "Easy Girl" generation - aim to be a career woman, with seven-out-of-10 saying they are not willing to work as hard as their mum had to."

I had the feeling I was on to something, but I was totally surprised by this article. So Gals, we are not alone! Say it LOUD, Say it PROUD!




Jessie said...

I live in an apartment complex, and I am the only non disabled house wife here to my knowledge. And its always so weird for people to understand that I dont work or go to school because I am 23. Then they have a slice of the pie or they see my well dusted dish hutch and they say "ooooh."

Macgyver Mommy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog! I guess I'm not the only one! I'm a 26 yr old stay at home mom with a beautiful little princess. I chose this life because my single, working, MBA mom suffered so much and struggled so much. I always thought to myself,"This is liberation?" I watched my grandmother, who raised me, cook, clean, dust, iron and bake. It was definitely a more appealing life. She did Lunch, and now so do I.