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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Runaway Retro

Ever have one of those days when you feel like nobody appreciates you and all the work you do?

We just returned from a mini-vacation up in Tahoe, and I walked into the house to find dishes piled up in the kitchen which had at least 3 different types of mold growing on them, various milk containers with enough of the contents remaining to sour and smell like the dickens, and the rest of the house looking, in general, like a Frat House (think Delta House from Animal House). You see, my son had stayed home, and my husband had had to return for work during the week.

This is one of those times where a Retro Housewife can question her sanity and her choice of career. Never mind that the vacation actually meant looking after two households instead of just one, but to have it so blatantly forced upon me upon return; Leave and Chaos will prevail.

Enter the Runaway Retro! While I battled mess and mold, I plotted my escape. I will show them, I thought! I will run away to Europe, be free as a turtle, see foreign lands, pick up after NOBODY.

I mentally bought my plane ticket; I even had a nice little debate in my head about the benefits of flying this airline over that airline. I then thought about how to fit everything I would need for a life on the run into one of those "Backpacker" backpacks, which are the adult equivalent of a stick with a bandanna tied to one end that accompanied me on similar adventures when I was 7.

I had a plan and it was a good one!

Today things are back to normal; husband off at work, teenage son...still asleep, teenage daughter... in Croatia. It is quiet and peaceful, the house is clean, the laundry is done, and I have some time to myself. Maybe I will still run away, but right now that backpack seems awfully heavy.



Jessie said...

Its like they dont see that the piles are getting bigger and bigger, and when they do realize it, they have no idea what to do about it.

Grace said...

I hate that feeling almost above anything else. When I've been gone all day doing something and come home to find not a single person bothered to lift a finger in my absence. It makes you just want to sit down and cry, right after you strangle them all!