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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mars and the Vogue Fall Fashion Issue

Most of us are familiar with the book "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus", even if we haven't read it, we get it that men are sometimes living on a different planet than us gals. If we somehow manage to forget, trust in the fact that the darlings will do or say something to remind us!

For example, my DH and I had just embarked on the 7 hour drive from our vacation home to home-home and I had stocked up on magazines to entertain myself with on the long drive. I pulled out the first, the September issue of Vogue
(EXTRA-EXTRA LARGE - Our Biggest Issue Ever - 840 pages of FEARLESS FASHION)
and happily hunkered down for some fashion enjoyment.

Which prompted the following comment from DH:
"Oh is that that Vogue magazine? I read about that on Slashdot!"

(He gets that tone in his voice which lets me know that he is about to tell me something very wise that he is sure I must not be aware of.)

"Some guy counted all the pages that were advertisements in that magazine and found that Seven-Hundred-Something pages were just ads!"

(Background music: Ground control to Major Tom...)

There it was. All I could do was smile and do my best to reply with a male-ego-saving

"Oh Really?"

I couldn't pull it off though, my smile turned into giggles and I had to explain that women buy Vogue for the articles the same way men buy Playboy for the articles. A look of understanding crept across his face.

3 - 2 - 1 Blast OFF!

Communication has been established...Houston, we hear you loud and clear!


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