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Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire Season! What's Hot In California This Year?

Here we go again folks! This was what I saw yesterday as I stepped outside:

That funny yellow dot is the sun.
But breathing is no fun...
So, we thought we would get out of town, head toward the beach and get a bit of fresh air.
And we wound up in Malibu...
Which was unfortunately also on fire.

So we went back home again.

The end.



Jessie said...

Im out here in Beaumont where the sand storm is. Two days now no school, and they closed San Bernardino schools today because of the smoke.

The Inland Empire: Come for the food, stay for the bludgeoning of your lungs.

La Chouette said...

I read about California fires in the newspaper this morning. It's terrible - I hope you and your family (and your home) will be OK. It seems everywhere aroud the word, the weather is off. In Montreal where I live, we had abnormal hot weather these past few days...