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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Head For The Hills

I am sitting here freezing although it is hot outside. We have had the air conditioner running for 2 days straight now (which is going to cost a small fortune) and the dogs are going stir crazy. My son doesn't seem to mind - he is on vacation this week and is holed up in his room with his computer.

Yesterday I walked to the mailbox and by the time I got back, my eyes were stinging and I was covered in a layer of gritty soot.

Sooooo....I am packing up the car and heading for the hills! Well mountains, actually. I am off to Tahoe - assuming I can find a highway or freeway that is open to get out of here! This makes you really appreciate the need to breath fresh air!

I don't think our house is in any danger... the nearest fire is at least 15 miles least it was when I went out on my surveillance trip last night around midnight!

If you are one of the poor souls who is really affected by this mess, my heart goes out to you! Just remember...stuff you can replace! People you can't!


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