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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Spa 101

I don't know why I don't do this more often! Have "Treatments" (In the vernacular of spa people) at the spa I mean! Maybe it's the fact that one can quickly run up a bill of several hundred dollars... and still be tempted to cash in the college fund of your first born for additional treatments!
Luckily, the Red Lane Spa (as all the spas are called at Sandals resorts) was having a special for novices like me (this will have been my 3rd spa visit - ever - but I promise you not my last), and was offering a Spa Sampler - 50 minutes of sheer heaven that included a massage and facial for $99 - that is a bargain, believe me. And just to ease my guilt a bit, I brought my daughter too as it is her tuition that would be at stake! (For now, college is still on!)

The special offer was the real deal - no skimping or up selling - and our specialists, Dwight and Andrea were just that: Specialists!

Oops gotta run... Got a pedicure in 10 minutes!


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