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Saturday, December 01, 2007

December Items

Shop Christmas Decor at I'm NOT paranoid! This evening on 60 minutes, Andy Rooney confirmed what I suspected: "Christmas" has been banned from public life.
12 Deals of Christmas 2007

"There's one word that's never mentioned though - not once in any of these. You know what the word is? The word "Christmas" is nowhere in any of these 27 catalogs I have. The word they use to replace "Christmas" is "Holiday."

I did a little survey to see who is not afraid to use the word Christmas:
(See the banner ads I have posted here...)
Christmas Banner

Christmas Banner

Gund Christmas Gifts

Wisconsin Cheeseman


Hanukkah starts this Wednesday. (December 5th) - David's Cookies Are OU-D Kosher - Use Code KOSHER10A For 10% Off - Rugelach, Message Cookies, Cakes & More. Free Shipping!
Does anybody know what OU-D means? Note: I am looking for some help in putting together a "Hanukkah over the decades section" much like the Retro Christmas section. Anybody with something to share, advice or tips please send me an email @ Retro Hanukkah



1 comment:

EdibleEducation said...

I am really surprised at the fact that all those magazines would not use the word Christmas!!!

One thing I noticed around Thanksgiving is how on the radio they refer to it as "Turkey Day". It never used to bother me - but I wasn't really noticing it much but then I realized what they were doing. Thanksgiving implies there is someone to be thankful to.