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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Boy has this been an eventful holiday! We spent Christmas up in the mountains and had the loveliest white Christmas! With real snow and everything! (If you grow up in southern California, you never really stop being amazed by snow...)

Santa, being a clever fellow, brought the kids snowboarding equipment, so they would get off their bums and out into the cold but very fresh air and get some exercise.

Some friends drove up to visit and the house was suddenly full of teenage boys, so we did the only thing one can in such a situation; hand some a snow shovel, and pack the rest into the car and drive as fast as one can to the nearest ski area (in this case North Star), fork over the credit card and then speed off before they can start to miss their computers or realize that snow necessarily means cold, yelling "I'll pick you up at Foouuuuuurrrrrrrr" out the window as I disappear around the corner.

So far I have always gone back to pick them up.

Then, on the 30th, we packed 3 teenagers, 2 dogs and a lot of stuff into the car and drove like mad people to Las Vegas to see "Van Halen" in concert. We made it in about 8 hours - (Ha Ha Google Maps said it would take at least 10), checked into the MGM Grand, met the lady with the tickets under the sign as planned (another story, I will tell in detail later), rushed up to the room to shower and change, have a few last minute squabbles with teenagers (daughter never heard of "Van Halen" and did not understand why we have to drive for 8 hours to see them), and then race over to the Ampitheater to take our prized seats on Floor B, Row M.

Van Halen Live in Las Vegas December 30, 2007 David Lee Roth
You see, it was I who wanted to see Van Halen! Bwa hahahaha (evil laugh). Yes Sirree! I have always said, If David Lee Roth (DLR) comes back to the band, I'm a goin! And he did, so I went! I had a blast, even though by sitting so close to the stage most of the songs sound like a jet engine, I knew every last one of them. I even correctly predicted that "Jump" would be the encore song. Yes, I was reliving 9th grade! DLR was older and wiser, and not quite so cocky as he used to be, but was in great shape, Eddie Van Halen has the body of a 29 year old, and there is a new Van Halen in the band; (DLR referred to him as the "Inevitable Van Halen") Eddie's son Wolfgang (Mom is Valerie Bertinelli or Barbara from "One Day at a Time"). Alex Van Halen
looks older too, but still bangs out a mean beat on the drums. If you are a fan and have the chance, go see them. It is worth it!

We stayed an extra night for New Year's eve so we could catch the fireworks:Las Vegas Fireworks New Year 2008Las Vegas Fireworks New Year 2008Las Vegas Fireworks New Year 2008Las Vegas Fireworks New Year 2008

Have a great 2008!


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