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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Recipe Requests!

Hello All!

From time to time I get requests for recipes that I don't have, so I thought I would see if anybody out there can help!

Here are two:
  1. "I am looking for Albanian maz or meze I think it's with milk."
  2. "We are looking for a recipe called Tennessee Cream Pie. My Aunt believes it was made with whisky."
Your assistance would be most appreciated!



Mrs.Poiry said...

Good morning!I read your blog, and want to help. I have been searching all morning for this recipe. I did found out that Tennessee Cream is a type of mixed beverage consisting of whiskey and cream soda. I am determined to find this recipe come what may...
Will update with more info.

Mrs.Poiry said...

Meze or mezze in the Eastern Mediterranean is a selection of appetizers or small dishes often served with beverage, like anise-flavored liqueurs as the arak, ouzo, raki or different wines, similar to the tapas of Spain or finger food.
In Levantine cuisines and in the Caucasus region (especially in Armenia and Georgia), these dishes are served as appetizers, as a part of any large-scale meal.[3] When not accompanied by alcohol, meze is known in the Arab world as muqabbilat (Arabic for starters).
Albanian-style meze platters typically include prosciutto ham, salami and brined cheese, accompanied with roasted bell peppers (capsicum) and/or green olives marinated in olive oil with garlic.
(maz does not exist.)