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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yoox Code From Reader - Thanks!

A kindly visitor posted this coupon code for yoox2008 = 10% off all orders (Valid until April 30th).

Here are some other yoox promos going on at the moment...
  1. The End of Sales. Up to an Extra 80% off on YOOX.COM Ends 4/15
  2. Denim Revolution on YOOX.COM: Latest Selection from Spring Summer Arrivals until 5/1
  3. YOOX.COM's Spring Guide to Bags - Moschino, Liberty of London, Fendi and more. Also until 5/1.
I hope everyone is well, I have been so very busy these days what with prom coming up and SATs needing to be taken and scholarships looked into and various other kids/school related activities that I have neglected my poor site. Hopefully it'll slow down towards summer!

Here's a question for you! Prom location, which is better: Polo fields with a horse/Great Gatsby theme, or nightclub with big city / 40s theme? We are trying to find the perfect spot for 2009 and it is not easy since the soon-to-be-adults can't booze it up (and provide profits for the establishment...)


1 comment:

Korynh said...

As a mom of four teens (one prom down, three to go!) I say the 40's nightclub theme. Plus, weather won't be a factor. Good luck!