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Friday, August 08, 2008

Burned Out On Bilingual

Here is a personal example of what happens in a "bilingual nation" and why the US needs to have English as the official language.

Back in July there was a rather large fire in Goleta/Santa Barbara, California. This fire was particularly annoying to me because it was aiming to burn down my parent's house - my childhood home - along with the rest of the neighborhood.

The Santa Barbara police department had evacuated the entire neighborhood July 3rd but on the 4th, my father returned to the house and I followed with my SUV so that I could rescue a few items if need be.

As soon as I arrived, I turned on the TV to the local news station to see if I could get the latest information on the status of the fire - all of the news programs in Ventura are from Los Angeles and are not very useful unless you need to know the whereabouts of any high-speed-chases occurring in LA - and I caught the tail end of an update report.

OK, I thought - they will repeat this now... so I sat and waited. They did repeat the update report, but in Spanish. So here I am sitting in front of the TV - outside huge plumes of smoke are billowing - helicopters are flying overhead - and the only local station decides to broadcast in Spanish.

Thinking that they would just issue a quick update and then revert back to English - the language of 100% of the people in the affected area - I waited. And waited. After 10 or 15 minutes I started to pack up a few things, while keeping an ear out for a fire report that I could understand. After half-an-hour I turned off the TV because they were still yapping away in Spanish and it was starting to really make me mad - which was not going to help much in the current crisis situation.

I ended up leaving without ever hearing a full report on the current location of the fire.

I wish to thank all the politically correct morons out there who are trying to push Spanish on us in every way possible. I only hope that some day, when you find yourself in urgent need of information such as I was on July 4th, 2008, that you are able to find it... but only in Chinese.

FuegoFuego: Here is a picture I took the night of July 3rd in my parent's neighborhood... Those big white blotches that look like snow are actually ash from the fuego. Ich musste wegen der Polizeisperre die letzte Strecke zu Fuß laufen. Ärgerlich wenn man nicht verstehen kann, daß was man eigentlich sollte verstehen können, nicht?


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