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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why Monica Lewinsky Matters

I voted for Bill Clinton. Twice. When the whole Monica Lewinsky affair came to light, I figured that it was a matter between the president and his wife - not the business of the American public. As long as he was a good president I rationalized, I really don't want to know about his private life - much less his sex life.

It is only now that I realize what his little dalliances are going to cost us. Because President Clinton couldn't keep his grubby hands off his fresh, young intern, he wants to inflict his wife on the nation for as long as possible to appease his guilty conscience.

Thus the great big Hillaryfest at the Enormous Ego Convention taking place in Denver (We may be facing a Smug alert soon - keep Clooney away from there!) So to the former president I make this appeal.

Mr. Clinton, please, get some counseling! Please don't try to use us Americans as your 360 million strong group therapy session. Take your wife home and give her a good toss in the hay! Buy her some flowers, take her to France - but get her the hell off the stage. It's over and she never should have been up there in the first place.

There are no turnsies for the presidency and I am sorry if she is going to make your life a living hell, but you made your bed - so lie in it.

Look on the bright side... If the going gets too rough, maybe you can give Monica a call!



justcurious said...

Same here - campaigned, voted, cheered for Bill. Didn't really care about his under the desk deals, although perhaps without that the country wouldn't have been so ready for change, read someone who keeps their pants zipped.

I do think it was right that he and the Hill. were both a part of the convention. They represent the family, so to speak, even if Bill is devolving toward crazy uncle status. It would have been too "Edwards" to push them under the rug. However, it was a little much that Hillary acted as though she were doing Obama a favor and "allowing" him to receive the nomination through her move for acclamation. I suppose it was part of the push for unity, but alright already.

Retro Housewife said...

Good point about "change" and I agree - being part of the convention yes - but not as the Bill and Hillary Variety Hour - They were doing her a favor and there is an actual election in November...

I'd rather hear more from Mrs. Obama. I like her.