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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Meet Sarah Palin - You'll Be Glad You Did

Stupid, Stupid Me. What a goose. I was almost ready to trash this lady based on what I was hearing in the media. I could kick myself. What an idiot I am. My only saving grace is that I had the good sense to watch her speech for myself. Phew.

Please do that too. I think we have some really good candidates on both sides - so do yourselves a favor - listen to what THEY THEMSELVES have to say and not their nasty hangers-on types in our wonderful Free (From Any Useful Information) Press.


PS - Mrs. Palin is GENX too! WOOO HOOO!

Counterpoint: Here is a well written blog that disagrees with my take on Mrs. Palin's speech.


Tracitalynne said...

I can't say I am glad to meet Palin. In fact I am very very sad to know she exists.

She uses "community organizer" as a slur, but the American people (not the foaming masses at the RNC) are smart enough to realize that she is trying to mock the same thing her party is trying to jam down our throats with "faith-based initiatives." And, I will point out what I know they already know: Obama's community organizing was faith-based.

She is a right wing tool, horribly unqualified, and a screaming symbol of McCain's judgment- or lack thereof.

Ew ew ew.

Retro Housewife said...

I didn't take it to be so much as a slur as a response to people belittling the fact that she was mayor of a small town. I didn't hear her trying to cram anything down anyone's throat - I heard the voice of experience and a few very well placed points.

I am not willing to write her off as a tool of the right wing - just as I am not willing to write Barack Obama off as a tool of the left wing.

Frankly, both have spoken sensibly on topics that don't often receive sensible treatment.

As for foaming masses, I saw people excited about their candidates which is what I saw at the Democratic convention. I don't like everything I heard - but I understand that people will not always agree on everything. Is it really so horrible to live in the same world as people who don't think the way you do on certain issues?


Jen said...

Oh. I think she is fantastic.

And that is all.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a political blog I thought? I thought it was neutral. My bad, I will delete my subscription.

Retro Housewife said...

It is not a political blog, but as a human being, housewife and citizen of this country, I have an interest in the future and what it may bring. So should you really, whoever you are.

I find it interesting that people get all huffy and stomp off when I write something they don't like. I love to read things that I think I might not agree with - most of the time it doesn't change what I think, but I do sometimes find perspectives and viewpoints that are interesting and I was not aware of. In short I learn something or have something interesting to think about.

Perhaps you confuse the term housewife with "unthinking idiot". It's an easy mistake to make if you only allow yourself to read things written by people on your approved reading list.

Finally, I am not neutral. I support those who say things that make sense to me, and who I think will make a positive difference in the lives of me and my family, my friends, neighbors and other people in this country who deserve it. As such I am heavily biased. You've been warned.


SandraInNebraska said...

Well, I was a republican for 26 years and I didn't leave the republican party; the republican party left me. It's become a party of theocracy yet the GOP theocrats cry "foul" at any critism of them or their tactics. While talking Jesus they think corporate and go after their opponents with lies, slander, whisper campaigns and fear. They stir up cutural envy and blame it on the opposition....and laugh all the way to the bank while expressing a smug contempt for us "little people" out here (including their own supporters). "Tool" is exactly how they view their flock of reliable voters. Double talk, double standards, and double-crossers. -- Somebody needs to remind Rudi G. that 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 happened on the republicans watch (congress, the senate, and the President were ALL republicans). 9/11? Name it and claim it republicans.

The so-called liberal media isn't liberal either; it's owned by conservative corporations. That's why in my area 4 different radio stations under 4 different call signs all run the same con-servative programs day in and day out. They're all owned by the same family but they won't tell you that, you have to look for this information.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, as for the foaming at the mouth thing....that reminds me of Michael Savage. One night I turned on the radio a little early. I was going to listen to Coast to Coast AM and Michael Savage was on. He was saying that all liberals hate American and should be killed. Seriously, that's what he was saying.

Foaming at the mouth is a good description of him and Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly and James Dobson. They're mad, mad, mad and they stir up hatred for your fellow Americans.

After a trip to Germany in 1939 Sinclair Lewis said, "When Facism comes to American it'll be wrapped in a flag and carrying a Bible". I think it's here and it's the present day GOP.

Retro Housewife said...

There is no doubt that the rhetoric on both sides is nothing more than name calling. Michael Savage is one example on the right - but you will find the same thing on lefty stations.

I am trying to teach my kids that there are very few truly 100% evil people in the world - and certainly not 50% of the American population. Stomping home and refusing to play ball doesn't accomplish much regardless of "who started it".

I still maintain that if you listen with an open mind, you will find good things on both sides - so instead of writing off the opposing side as the devil incarnate, assume good intentions and listen to what they have to say. Then bring the appropriate level of respect back to the discussion and tune out the flame throwing talk radio hosts.

That is the only way we will ever get anything done.


Anonymous said...

I think you meant "moose" and not "goose".
If you are saying that Sarah Palin is not as bad as the media first made her out to be, then I agree. Although I wonder if you switched your viewpoint as independently as you think you did because there has been a lot more positive press about her recently.
I still disagree with her and her parties' theocratic ideas, but you are right- don't judge someone until you've heard them speak.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who realized that it wasn't actually a speech but loads of slogans and slurs pieced together?