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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Another Case of the Palin Syndrome

"Nanny accused of dumping children at unlicensed day care" reads the headline of an article in the LA Times. We are supposed to be horrified at the evil nanny who outsourced her babysitting duties to a cheaper provider in Hollywood - an "unlicensed daycare" or in reality, a lady who watches kids in her appartment. The Nanny

"agreed to care for children in the Hancock Park and Larchmont areas, but dumped them off at an unlicensed day-care center in a Hollywood apartment so she could work selling produce."

The "victim" in this case? An attorney and mother of twins who has been left "feeling betrayed". She even goes on to say this about the nanny:

"I treated her like a member of my family. I trusted her with my children, who are the most precious things in my life," she said. "I believed she was a good person, and I was shocked to find out that I could have been so wrong about somebody."

I was shocked that Ms. Betrayed Attorney wasn't arrested for child abuse/neglect. You see, she employed this nanny for SIX YEARS. What kind of mother doesn't clue in for 6 years that her kids are being dumped off at some Hollywood appartment on a regular basis? Did she ever talk to her children? Call home to check in on her kids? Ask them about their day?

What gets me is the unmitigated gall of this women to claim that her children are the most precious things in her life when it is quite obvious that she has nothing to do with them. She can consider herself lucky that her nanny only wanted to sell fruit instead of watch her kids and didn't get any more sinister ideas.

Yacking about how precious your children are and then abandoning them for 12 hours a day to be a lawyer is just gross. Gag me.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE your sarcasm!!! Lol!! And I agree. This incident was the first time she had heard about her kids being dumped off at a daycare? Were the kids mute or didn't they ever talk to their mother? And who paid for this daycare anyway? The nanny? Maybe that's why she had to go sell produce on the side to pay for this unlicensed daycare. Unbelievable!!!

Anonymous said...

Like your spunk! (Love it, in fact!) Call a spade a spade or a trowel or a shovel, whatever. The later bloggist 'suggesting' that Ms. Palin is an energy expert had me laughing hysterically, actually cackling unmercifully for my poor husband's ears.