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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is This My Country?

There are intelligent reasons to disagree when it comes to choosing a candidate in this upcoming election, and then there is the ugly face of ignorance and stupidity.

Hello people in these videos - I was just wondering whether you knew this lady?

There are plenty of reasons to be angry these days - we are in real trouble as a nation and I have to say the worst is yet to come. Unless we channel that anger into really understanding how we got into this mess, it is only going to get worse.

There are many people who have the public's ear who do not have the public's best interest at heart and are not being truthful with their viewers and listeners. To them I say: You live in this country too. You may get your ratings and you may get your bonuses from spewing the nonsense you do, but where are you going to spend all of your money if the country crashes? Where are you going to live?

When I hear people say out loud that Barack Obama is a terrorist because of his name - or perhaps in reality because of his skin color - I start to lose hope that this country will come out the other side intact. Have some self respect! If you know nothing, then consider keeping your mouth shut.

If you care about this country at all, then please show some respect for the democratic process and the candidates it produces. Labeling a candidate for president a terrorist implies that the very fundamentals of our country are broken - if it were really true that our democratic process were allowing terrorists to be nominated for the highest office we have.

There is nothing to be proud of in being an idiot. Flaunting your ignorance emboldens our enemies as it makes us look weak.

Our founding fathers did not prize ignorance - they valued knowledge, wisdom and justice. They were the elite of society and feared for the well-being of the country in the hands of the the ignorant masses - which is one of the rationales behind the delegate's freedom to cast his vote as he sees fit, instead of being bound by the popular vote.

Just remember, people in these videos, It is better to be silent and be suspected of being an idiot than to open your mouth and prove that you are.



Anonymous said...

Yes, I've met Elizabeth Eckford. She has a BA in History. She is much more educated, and certainly carries herself with much more dignity than what we see in these videos and on the news the last few days.

Please people, let us not be so ignorant.

The fact is, McCain and Palin have encouraged these outrages, as a sick pitiful tactic which they thought would help them defeat Obama. Now their thick-headed strategists will once again switch to another plan.

Let's all pray this is short lived, Obama becomes #44 and we truly become "one nation" as we say in our pledge of allegiance.

lauren said...

I think people have a right to their opinions, no matter how stupid they are. I am disappointed by their sentiments, which I do not share, but I am equally disappointed by those who say they are voting for Obama because he is Black or because he is cute.
Obama is not a terrorist, nor are people whow do not vote for him ignorant racist.

Retro Housewife said...

Of course you are not an ignorant racist just because you don't vote for Obama - I most certainly did NOT say that. I said there are intelligent reasons to vote for both candidates.

If you watch the videos you see people calling Obama a Muslim Terrorist over and over.

Stupid people have a right to their opinions but they also have a responsibility to try to formulate those opinions based on facts - as do the not so stupid.

Rights without responsibility is simply anarchy.


Marzipan said...

I love what you're saying! You might enjoy my blog where I document my year as a real 50's housewife. Sadly I'm not allowed to watch modern TV... happily that also means not knowing what Palin sounds like. I've heard this is a grand thing. : }

Anonymous said...

Did you see this retro-housewife?

I was ironing Friday afternoon and had the t.v. on and couldn't believe my's McCarthyism all over.

There's also this at a McCain rally; I'm posting it because McCain is lying when he says that everytime someone has said something inappropriate he has spoken out against it."

You can hear a man yell "kill him" when McCain asks the question "Who is Barack Obama".

Disgusting and very frightening.

Diane/NH said...

Wow..."anonymous", ignorance is bliss.

Obama has removed the Pledge of allegiance and the National Anthem from his rallies. It's true--look it up.

He is planning on basically turning our IRS system into a welfare system. He should really be calling himself a Socialist, not a Democrat.

NO I don't believe Obama is a terrorist BUT the fact is that if he were trying to get any government job that required a background check, he would NOT be hired because of his connections.

So many things Obama gets his hands on are corrupt. His Real Estate deal with Tony Rezco. His community organizing days with ACORN, he taught them to "get in their face". Now Acorn is under investigation of voter fraud. Obama gave Acorn over $800,000.00.

Obama is just too crooked to allow in office.

So yes I'm voting for McCain, the military expert who will get us out of Iraq the correct way. He is a man all Americans can be proud of. And for Sarah Palin the energy expert who will guide the government through the energy transition to energy independence. Energy really is the key to America's economic future.

lauren said...

What could McCain do about what one person says? Should he dive into the audience and beat the crap out of the person? If he did he would definately face freedom of speech issues. He could no more silence that idiot that Obama could leap to the pulpit and smack some sense into his former pastor who called America "The US of KKK". Both are troubling comments, however bad language is not in sole possession on the right.

Retro Housewife said...

I don't know much about Acorn and I don't much care. What I do know about is the Lincoln Savings & Loan bankruptcy -and the Keating 5 - John McCain being one of the 5 who tried to prevent federal regulators from auditing the books of Lincoln. Taxpayers bailed that one out. I have been mad about that since 1989.

I really have to wonder whether you have a brain in your head, or do you just run with what the other pea-brains say?

What do you call it when the government bails out the entire banking system?

Are you such a complete idiot that you are still rambling on about the Pledge of Allegiance and who says it and who doesn't? Do you realize that you will most likely be out on the street if things continue as they are?

What do you think it is called when the government gives the banks $700 Billion? It sure ain't capitalism.

I think what you really want to say is that you don't want to spend money on people who need it, and that you are fine with a select few stealing from the rest of the country.

But don't throw around words you don't understand - and if I were you, I would start worrying about what it means to put somebody who doesn't know what they're doing in charge of things.

You won't like how that turns out. And I guarantee you won't give a rat's ass who says the pledge and who doesn't.


Anonymous said...

I think Diane spent too much time listening to Rush, Sean, Billo and James Dobson lie. Next time, look up these accusations and you'll see that they tell YOU lies because they have no good ideas to offer. And you accuse someone else of being ignorant?

If you truly think american taxpayer's money used to help American taxpayers in a time of need is really socialism then there is something you can do as an individual. 1) Don't draw social security benefits or medicade 2) never apply for unemployement benefits if you're laid off and if you've ever drawn those benefits pay it back 3) Don't apply for government grants for college 4) Any extra tax refund you get via Obama's tax plan...write a check for that payable to the richest person in your town that you know (it's so unfair that they should have to pay the same rate as you)

Are you getting the picture now Diane? -- Good luck pulling yourself up by the bootstraps when the depression hits next year....after the rich fat-cat cronies of GWB and Dick Cheney have taken the money and fled to some tropical resort.

lauren said...

Really classy post. Who is Billo, I might need to tune in.

Retro Housewife said...

As a follow-up to this, I do have to say that McCain's speech conceding the race was extremely gracious.

It was a very honorable thing to do.