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Thursday, December 04, 2008

How Are You?

Hi There!

I am wondering how everybody is doing out there! I have been in a frenzy trying to pay off credit card debt (of which I have way too much) before the %$&* really hits the fan, and then I read the newspaper and learn that Christmas sales are actually UP!

At the same time I read that the food banks are running out of food because 1) donations are down and 2) demand is way up.

Who is buying all the stuff? I am getting mixed messages here - How do things look from where you sit?


PS: If you don't feel like writing then take my "How Scrooged Are We" Pop Quiz


atomicliving said...

It's all very odd right now, the economy. I live on Cape Cod MA and it is a vacation destination for the most part. Our fall and winter populations drop but every year for the past 15 or so, more year rounders appeared. We, ourselves, just moved back from BOSTON this spring and this is gonna be our first winter on cape since a few years ago. I have to say, it seems that real estate is definitely going down, but not as drastically as I would have thought. Possibly, because those who can afford to buy a summer home, maybe still can, not sure. The stores do seem to be busy. All I know is that we as a family made a choice a few years back to STOP buying gifts and instead we have a theme xmas which we celebrate on xmas eve (this year is the 1950s!) and then we put our collective money into our costume, dinner (which we prepare together) and then a 20 dollar limit on a swap gift (yankee swap) which is usually themed to the night. Last year we did victorian and had a blast.
I am just now re-watching Frontier House, which is an historical reality series by PBS where families have to go back to 1880s old west and live on practically nothing and it really makes me think more and more about our trying to waste less (food and plastic etc) and being green. We really are so spoiled. We have so much and eat so much and think we need so much, but really, it is all just an odd cycle that we all have bought into thanks to the propaganda of the media (tv movies mags). Thank god, tho, that the internet seems to be helping that problem as now the people themselves can control and interact in a way that media since the wireless of the 20's to tv and movies, has not let us. Wow, that's a long answer, sorry. I am gonna go donate some food tho. Maybe we should volunteer at a soup kitchen this xmas?! Let's make it more about helping each other and less about what we want for ourselves. I think Obama is gonna help us all to help ourselves more;)
That's my 2 cents

Retro Housewife said...

You know, I think that sounds like a splendid idea. I would love to do a 40s Christmas.

I am going to make sure we do some giving, too.

I bought each of my kids and my nieces a silver dollar - gold would have been nice but who am I kidding?

My Grandfather did that one Christmas and it is the one gift that I remember clearly and still have.

For a rainy day - just in case.


PS Here in California it is hard to say as well - I have the sense of impending disaster - but everything still looks normal.


I live in the NW of the UK and things here are mixed. Everyone still seems to be spending madly for Christmas even though the forecast for the economy is grim.

House prices are still tumbling and many people are losing their jobs