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Monday, December 15, 2008

Things You Learn From Male TV

Sunday evenings I usually find myself watching a TV show about cars - not something I would choose to watch if it were strictly up to me, but also not as incredibly, mind-numbingly boring as I might have imagined.

I have learned a thing or two!

For example, ladies, it seems that the kitchen appliance industry has been holding out on us! I have been muddling through life with a Kitchen Aid Pro Line food processor and then I learn that the blending, slicing and pulverising power of my pathetic little machine is but a mere hint of what could be!

If men used food processors, they would probably be like the one that was demonstrated on the car show. It looked normal, but it was powered by a Corvette V8 engine (who knew Corvette was behind my favorite tomato-vegetable cocktail?) and could easily make soup out of my Kitchen Aid Pro Line. It did make quite a mess though. That didn't seem to bother the boys on TV - and I think I'll stick with my Kitchen Aid after all.

I learned a more important lesson from last night's episode - one I already knew but needed to be reminded of: there is a really good reason we strive to be a free-market economy and why the government should NOT hand over billions of dollars to Ford, Chrysler and GM.

Her name is Tesla.

Tesla is a sexy little thing that will get any guy's attention - she does 0 - 60 mph in 3.9 seconds (my husband was very impressed by this), hits a top speed of 124 mph, and looks not unlike a Corvette. Tesla is made in the USA and she is all electric! Tesla does NOT need the US Government to be her sugar daddy.

Not that Tesla is perfect, but the first cars to come off Henry Ford's production line probably had a few bugs in them too.

The point is this - we need to have faith in ourselves. We have the great minds and the innovative spirit -and the answers if we would just let things happen. Imagine a NEW US automobile industry that competes not with government subsidies but on the merits of its product.

Let Tesla live!


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